The muse for Irene’s, a classic American bar and restaurant, is the grandmother of one of our partners, who describes the real-life Southern charmer as a “drinking, smoking, gambling woman with an immense heart and a keen understanding of true hospitality.” Irene’s has the soul of an unpretentious dive bar but manages to keep a firm hand on service, a keen eye to hospitality and a pulse on style.

Starting at 7 am daily, you can stroll up to the counter window for a thick slice of sweet or savory toast or breakfast sandwich along with a cup of coffee (or even a pack of smokes, if you are so inclined). Then, meander back to the spacious patio nestled beneath massive pecan trees on the banks of Shoal Creek. When midday hits, park your bike in front of the shop at the custom metal bike stand, and come inside for a selection of seasonal salads and classics such as our pulled chicken & avocado sandwich or dirty shells & cheese. For heartier fare at night, consider roasted chicken or classics such as our Frito Pie and pulled pork sandwich with Alabama white sauce. Our housemade old-school desserts, including strawberry cake and whoopie pie, hit the spot any time of day.

As with all ELM Restaurant Group concepts, including 24 Diner, Italic and Fareground Chef Andrew Curren always takes great care in sourcing quality local produce and preparing even simple dishes with the utmost care.  Irene’s bar offerings include house-mixed boozy punches with fresh fruit, a variety of local taps and a thoughtful selection of strong, well-conceived cocktails.